To spell-check or not

The spell-check found no errors in the following three paragraphs.

It is 77% accurate but 100% embarrassing!

Dear Mr Grammar,

We have recently been involved in design of an exiting new software program. It will really help personal of all companies in South Africa to develop there English word power.  Weather we realize it or not, our professionalism in the business world if often measure by the quality of our written communication. We have to content with projecting our image, globally.

The English language is very much complex. I would have used it better if I have known how it really worked and my teachers had learned me better. But I am going to install the English Word Power program on my computer so that I will have been learning English in my own time at my own pace. I am also please to know that I have my spells and grammar check.

I will also like to attend another training programs to develop me competence.  We must remember that we all have a steak in the future success of our companies’ and our country.