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English Word Power is an e-learning product, that will develop your ability to use English more accurately -  and with more confidence. It is your on-line partner in your quest for excellence in the world's most commonly used business language.

English Word Power is designed to address;



To prepare our young students intellectually, emotionally, and socially for a productive adult life!

To enhance and grow the human potential in our business.

Most students do not have English as a first language and Educators have to cope with large classes with students at different levels of English proficiency.

There is only ONE GLOBAL Business language – and that is ENGLISH.  So this is not a plug for one language out of so many colourful languages world-wide, it is a plug for a business negotiation tool . . .

Giving our students the social currency to express ideas clearly and accurately must surely be the first critical step in the process of transformation.

No matter how much we promote people into responsible positions, to be equal to the task, they need to speak and write English in a global business community.

Most information produced, either in text books or from the internet is in English.

What does it take to ensure that intellectual energy is mobilised so that it can make a difference.  Communication.  English Word Power is a critical building block in the Empowerment process.