Learner Values

Meets psychological needs of learner

The learning path starts with fairly easy aspects of the language. The learner therefore gains confidence early in the learning process.  Knowledge of grammar is not assumed.  The learner has hyperlinked on-line access to definitions of all grammar terms used.

Learners who have to share computers have privacy.  They access English Word Power with their own password, preventing others from viewing their results.  Learners also get immediate feedback if errors are made. This, together with repetition and progress monitoring, reinforces the learning process.

Varied and challenging

Different screens and learning methodologies prevent monotony of learning. Frequent monitoring and assessing of progress, keeps the learner challenged.

Learning milestones

A counter helps the learner to pace the learning.  This helps the learner decide on the most strategic time to quit an exercise, or the program.  If learning is interrupted, bookmarks give the learner the option to continue from the previous learning position.  


This is a general comment from learners who have used English Word Power!