EWP History

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English Word Power is an interactive English e-learning software program developed and marketed by NDA Training cc.

From marking assignments over a 16-year period, it became evident that delegates’ excellent ideas were being corrupted with poor English.  In 1997 a badly-written assignment from a manager who had attended our writing programme, inspired the development of English Word Power.

 It became clear that most of the administrative workforce also did not have English as a first language, but were nevertheless expected to communicate in English.  A cost- and time-effective solution was needed.  With the rapid development of electronic communication and globalisation, the problem compounded, as English became the business communication language.

 The concept of an electronic learning programme was born.

Several English lecturers and teachers from the academic and corporate environment wrote the bulk of the program.  NDA Training focused on ensuring that the content and learning process met the learner’s needs.  They also made sure that the language register in no way impaired the learning process.  Careful time was spent placing the learning in the South African context.

MODULE 1 was released in 1998.  The positive feedback was encouraging.  This inspired the development and release of MODULE 2 in 1999.  The latest release now embraces both modules and includes the learner’s needs as well as the organisation’s needs for deployment and monitoring.